Our Past Chairs
Our Past Chairs
From top left to bottom right: Rüdiger Pethig (Siegen), 1994-96; Gebhard Kirchgässner (St. Gallen) 1998-2000; Michael Ahlheim (Hohenheim), 2000-02; Wolfgang Buchholz (Regensburg), 2002-04; Michael Rauscher (Rostock) 2004-06; Wolfgang Peters (Viadrina), 2006-08; Michael Finus (Exeter), 2008 -10; Lucas Bretschger (ETH), 2010-12; Till Requate (Kiel), 2012-14; Karl Steininger (Graz), 2014-16; Stefan Baumgärtner (Freiburg), 2016-18; Karen Pittel (Munich), 2018-20; Timo Goeschl (Heidelberg) 2020-22; Katrin Rehdanz (Kiel), 2022-24. Missing: Dieter Cansier (Tübingen), 1996-98.
Members of the Committee
How to Become a Member

Are you interested in joining our committee? Then please feel free to contact us. The process of becoming a member is usually initiated by one or two current committee members. Above you can download the list of members.